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Venice<br>Camera Obscura

Technische fiche

Fotograaf Günther Derleth
Formaat 33x26,5
Pagina's 120
Afwerking Hardcover
Taal English
ISBN 978-90-5856-019-3


Camera Obscura

€ 69,00

The German photo-designer Günter Derleth has been walking the streets of Venice for years. And in his hands he always has a primitive pinhole camera: a camera obscura. Its long exposure time lends a unique softness to then photos he makes with it. A portrait of Venice has thus evolved over the years, from which the unique atmosphere of the city emanates. This ambient is condensed all the more through many quotations by famous writers (Ernest Hemmingway, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Italo Calvino ...). A magnificent volume for the many who have fallen under Venice's spell, but also a publication for all those interested in photography.

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