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100 Jaar Vliegen in Kortrijk-Wevelgem 1917-2017

Technische fiche

Fotograaf Misc.
Formaat 30 x 24
Pagina's 240
Afwerking Hardcover
Taal Dutch
ISBN 9789058565525

100 Jaar Vliegen in Kortrijk-Wevelgem 1917-2017

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Kortrijk-Wevelgem airport started out as a modest military Flugplatz during World War I, but evolved quite quickly. Today, exactly one century later, the runway is considered to be one of the very best in Europe and strenuous efforts are being made to bring the airport’s infrastructure and amenities into the 21st century as well, in order to create a fully-fledged international Kortrijk Airport. This festive book, released on the occasion of 100 years Airport Kortrijk-Wevelgem (1917-2017), is more than a historical work. Although historical accuracy has been pursued, this edition is primarily a lavishly illustrated chronicle of an illustrious era with firsthand testimonials of those who experienced history when it was made. We read, among other things, about the adventures of the Red Baron and other famous aviators in Wevelgem, the air acrobats of the early years, the fate of the airfield during World War II, the popularity of the glider clubs, the arrival of the first helicopters, the memorable visit of Barack Obama, the story of some unfortunate crashes, but also the successful fly-ins and air shows. 

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