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Charles Kaisin - Design in Motion

Technische fiche

Fotograaf versch.
Formaat 26x21
Pagina's 128
Afwerking Hardcover
Taal English, French
ISBN 978-90-5856-312-5

Charles Kaisin - Design in Motion

€ 39,00
The Belgian designer Charles Kaisin is particularly known for his K-Bench, an extendable bench for which he was awarded the Most Innovative Object prize at the Montreal Design Fair. As the young prodigy of Belgian design, he has been commissioned by several well-known brands because of his creativity in the domains of leather-working, accessory and furniture design. His work is particularly imbued with the concepts of ‘extension’ and ‘recycling’, like his Hairy Chair and Newspaper Extendable Bench, but he also ventures into other domains. He designed a lecture theatre for Grand Hornu Images, stackable seating/stowing elements for Vange, porcelain for Royal Boch and even chocolate delicacies for Pierre Marcolini Chocolatier.
This book is published on the occasion of a retrospective on Charles Kaisin in Grand Hornu Images in the summer of 2009. If offers a complete overview of the works of this undisputed and versatile Belgian designer.
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