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Het avontuur van Land- en Strandzeilen

Technische fiche

Formaat 33x23,5
Pagina's 128
Afwerking Softcover
Taal Dutch, English, French
ISBN 978-90-74377-72-0

Het avontuur van Land- en Strandzeilen

€ 24,90
Towards the end of the 16th century, the mathematician Simon Stevin experimented with 'sail-cars'. Surely, he reasoned, it had to be possible to travel along a flat beach at impressive speed, propelled by the sea breeze? Despite this early insight, it was to be another three hundred years before sand and land yachting was actually born. The Dumont brothers designed their first vehicles in 1898 and it wasn't long before competitions were being organised at the French resort of Berck. Since then, sand and land yachting has spread around the world. The international FISLY federation brings together clubs from every continent to take part in the most spectacular forms of this exhilarating sport.
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