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Grassroots upgraded. Reflections on Nairobi Eastlands.

Technische fiche

Formaat 24,5x23,5 cm
Pagina's 152
Afwerking Hardcover
Taal Dutch, English, French, German
ISBN 978-90-5856-391-0

Grassroots upgraded. Reflections on Nairobi Eastlands.

€ 39,00
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Photography has overflown Africa’s history, without really ever putting its foot down in the imagination of creators on the continent.

This collection of books, entitled Africalia Editions [photo], has the ambition to fill a void by unveiling the oeuvre of contemporary photographers from Africa. For Grassroots upgraded, twenty members of the collective ‘Slum-TV’ have chosen the LOMO camera as a medium of self-representation.

The project is not a development project but rather takes an ironic perspective on the development world, a position which is reflected in the title of the book and the politically incorrect name of the collective. The approach is conceptual and political, the choice of medium an aesthetic one. The LOMO camera is taken as anarchic medium, based on chance, involving imperfection and often producing a blurred aesthetic. With these images Slum-TV goes beyond the stereotypes which have been shaping our imagination of Africa.
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